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We are pleased to present you the latest edition of our 2014 products. In addition to high quality products, you will find a range of exclusivities, selected with care so you may fully benefit from the summer season. Customize your backyard according to your taste and enjoy life’s pleasures! Our website includes several ideas that will arouse your senses, and products to enhance your lifestyle.

Above Ground Pools

Make your backyard your ultimate vacation destination. Discover our new 2016 models of above ground pools from brands such as Aqua Leader and Aqua-Bois, available exclusively at SIMA ...

Semi inground Pools

Add a touch of class by choosing a semi inground pool (installation can also be done in the above ground version). Whether it is made from wood or aluminum, happiness will be found in your backyard!...

Inground Pools

Make your own backyard your vacation destination, par excellence. We invite you to relax and be seduced by our inspirations which will serve as a prelude to well-deserved...

Hot Tubs & Spas

Dreaming about a relaxing space at home for you and your family without any compromises? Discover our spa and hot tub models adapted for all your needs. Relaxation Hot Tubs Recreate a spa atmosphere...


By getting your water analyzed by our specialist, we will provide you with valuable advice on which products to buy, so you can fully take advantage of your above ground pool and/or spa.

Pool Supplies

Having all the accessories and equipment necessary for your pool is essential, and should not be neglected.  If you are purchasing accessories and equipment for your first above ground or...

Hot Tub Supplies

Why purchase hot tub accessories? To fully enjoy your spa from the moment you purchase it, it is important to equip it with appropriate maintenance accessories. At any SIMA retailer, you will find ...

Patio Furniture

Enjoy the outdoors with as much comfort as the indoors of your home with our patio furniture collections, exclusively distributed at participating SIMA retailers. Browse our selection of garden sets...

Gazebos, Pavilions & Shelters

Create an intimate and protected outdoor space, whatever the weather conditions! The shelters, gazebos and pavilions extend the use of your garden and backyard. They are so comfortable that you will...
Gazebos Shelters Pavilions