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Hybrid above ground pools perfectly combines the advantages of a steel pool with a resin pool.

Our exclusive Aqua Leader model, available at your SIMA retailer, was designed to withstand the wide temperature variations that we experience.

The materials used, both resin and steel, allow you to benefit from the advantages of both types of pools in one and also provide durability and effectiveness over the years.

“Caspian" is our flagship model.  It was selected by SIMA for its reliability but also for its safety. It comes in many shapes, sizes and has a resin top seat over 7 inches wide, which brings added strength. This model is compatible with salt chlorination systems, a distinguished way to clean your water with confidence.

In addition, the 60-year limited warranty accompanying the hybrid pool allows you to enjoy your summer without any worries and to relax in the most aesthetically-pleasing pool.

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