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Enhance your garden or backyard with an exclusive above ground Aqua Bois pool model.

Add a contemporary look to your backyard!
The wooden “Savana” pool is a one of a kind product. Available in two shapes, oval (“Savanna XL”) or round (“Savana”), and in various sizes, this model offers a choice of colours to best suit the aesthetics of your relaxation space. 

The wooden above ground pools offered by your SIMA retailer incorporate foam insulation placed between the liner and the wall and a protective sheath made of 3 galvanized steel cables. This ensures greater safety of your pool with exceptional durability and conservation of water heat for a longer period of time. 

This summer, swim peacefully and as much as you can thanks to the 15-year limited warranty that accompanies your pool and opt for Aqua-Bois models, available at your SIMA retailer. 

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