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Hot Tubs & Spas

Dreaming about a relaxing space at home for you and your family without any compromises? Discover our spa and hot tub models adapted for all your needs.

Relaxation Hot Tubs
Recreate a spa atmosphere at home and choose among our hot tub models ranging from 2 to 5 places that adapt to the space you have available. These portable or custom acrylic spas can be installed easily.  

Entertainment Hot Tubs
Your family and friends will thank you for creating a warm and entertaining atmosphere, rediscovering intimacy and comfort. Enjoy the multiple sound and light enhancements in this spa category and unwind to your favourite music thanks to the spa stereo system.  

Therapy Hot Tubs
With seating for 4 to 6 people, the therapy hot tubs offer hydrotherapy and massage therapy modes on demand, and feature the Mircosilk technology that uses oxygen to stimulate collagen production, leaving your skin younger and smoother.  

Swim Spas
Enjoy your spa for all occasions thanks to the versatile spa models found at your SIMA retailer that use Tru-Current technology. Whether you intend to relax or to train like a professional swimmer, the swim spas will satisfy your needs without any compromises, regardless of the use.

Your nearest SIMA retailer will be happy to guide you in case of any doubt, so do not hesitate to visit the “Find a retailer” section of our website!


Entertainment Hot Tubs

Spend more quality time with friends and family thanks to a SIMA entertainment hot tub. Our Dream Maker models can accommodate 6 to 8 people in a personalized atmosphere and according to your...

Relaxation Hot Tubs

The collection of relaxation hot tubs selected by SIMA allow you to forget about the worries of the day in a good, relaxing tub. Ranging from 2 to 5 places and offering different styles to suit your...

Therapy Hot Tubs

A therapeutic spa at home? It’s now possible with help from your SIMA retailer! The Cal Spa therapy hot tubs feature the exclusive adjustable therapy system (ATS). This system equips each ...

Swim Spas

Stay in shape with our swim spas which combine the benefits of a swimming pool with a hot tub. Your SIMA retailer offers the PROFLO model with dual propulsion Tru- Current technology, recognized as...

Our Brands


Cal Spas

Cal Spas distinguishes itself from other hot tub manufacturers by offering the best spa and hot tub features in the Home Resort industry. Discover how a Cal Spas hot tub in your home can benefit you...

Dream Maker Spas

The Dream Maker Spas are manufactured to be portable, durable and affordable. State-of-the-art technology is used to create a one-piece totally portable and maintenance free spa for a fraction of the...


Each Proflo swim spa is fabricated with attention to detail. The goal was to build the best swim spa to date. Therefore, the engineers at Proflo determined four basic goals as a guide in planning...