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Relaxation Hot Tubs

The collection of relaxation hot tubs selected by SIMA allows you to forget about the worries of the day in a good, relaxing tub.

Ranging from 2 to 5 places and offering different styles to suit your environment, our exclusive models from the “Inspiration” collection made by Sunrise Spas, and from the “New Age” collection made by Cal Spas, are made with acrylic and offer multiple hygiene, techno and ambience characteristics.

Discover our new variety for 2016 with the “Crossover” collection of spas or the “Stonhenge” series from the rotomoulded spa maker Dream Maker. This fabrication process allows original shape of the spa to be made in one piece, without gluing or welding, which guarantees an exceptional lifetime of your product and a unique design. They were designed to be portable, durable and affordable. Just follow 3 steps to enjoy one: easily move and install it, add water and plug it in!

Relax this summer with a new hot tub from the SIMA retailer nearest to you.

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