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The polymer in ground pool is an important alternative to consider when looking for a in ground pool that is compatible with the new disinfection process, (salt chlorination, etc.).  As with the steel in ground pool, multiple arrangements of shapes, sizes and designs make this one of the most versatile concepts.

All of its main components are fabricated in polymer, an expandable resin especially formulated and adapted to our climate. This state-of-the-art design ensures complete protection against premature deterioration of your structure, partly caused by corrosion or oxydation. The product's many fasteners and anchors ensure strength, sturdiness and long life.

By virtue of its components, the polymer pool has a higher insulation factor, which will enable you to keep the water a few degrees warmer; plus you will save on your heating costs.

Our large choice of pool liners makes it possible to harmonize the style of the in ground pool with the design of your house and the layout of the backyard.  Finally, the composite in ground pool allows you to incorporate steps, and install benches in the future, which adds to the quality and swimming experience.

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