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With multiple styles in shape, size and design, the steel in ground pool is by far the most versatile and affordable for families wishing to have an in ground pool. Installing this type of in ground pool is not new to us: for over 40 years, we have tested this concept.

The strength of steel ensures a final robust product. Galvanizing techniques now ensure an increased lifespan for in ground pools. Improvements in reinforcement technology eliminates having to resort to soldering when assembling the structure. Steel also retains its integrity by zinc and the structure is less susceptible to rust.

A vast selection of pool liners makes it possible to harmonize the style of an in ground pool with the design of your house and the layout of the backyard. Finally, the steel in ground pool now enables you to incorporate steps, as well as install benches in the future, which improves both the quality and the swimming experience.

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