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Pool Supplies

Having all the accessories and equipment necessary for your pool is essential, and should not be neglected.  If you are purchasing accessories and equipment for your first above ground or inground pool, or if you plan to replace outdated or used equipment, it is essential to purchase the best products available.

These products will greatly influence: the quality of your pool water, the time and money spent on maintaining your pool, prevent potential breakage or damage, keeping the surrounding area safely protected, and will help in creating a pleasant swimming environment.

Certain products are essential: filtration products including pool pumps and filters (sand or cartridge) and pool liners.

Certain equipment can enhance your swimming experience: heat pump pool heaters, gas/propane water heaters and solar covers to increase and maintain water temperatures, and therefore prolong the swimming season, while other accessories including lights and lighting can create the ambiance.

With the use of proper accessories, maintaining your pool will be easier (nets, poles, etc.). Purchasing more sophisticated equipment, such as a suction cleaner or robotic cleaner, will enable you to spend more time swimming. The ultimate choice would be to purchase the complete automation system, capable of operating your pool automatically (including smart phones apps for remote control).

A chlorine generator (a salt chlorination system,) or UV system, will clean your pool water using less chemical products.

Finally, the pool area will be safely protected with the addition of fences and alarm systems. Access will also be safer with the addition of regulatory steps, notably for above ground pools.



It can be complicated to take care of your pool if you do not possess the adequate accessories.  Or rather, a pool full of leaves does not give your family members or friends the desire to...

Pool Automation Systems

Control your pool from a distance without any effort. SIMA helps the upkeep of your pool thanks to automation systems with advanced functions. You no longer need to call a neighbor or a friend to ...


To conserve the cleanliness of your pool, a filtering system is indispensable. Which pool filter should you use? SIMA proposed two types of products: Cartridge Filters Cartridge filters are compact...


Sitting beside the water is still a favorite spot to end the day. At sunset, turn this place into a welcoming, magical, and idyllic oasis. Adding lights around the pool as well as underwater enhances...

Ladders / Steps

It is easier to access your pool if you have the appropriate equipment. Easy and safe access will help increase the pleasure of your bathing experience. Opt for a ladder or steps for your pool ...

Pool Cleaners

Your pool should be cleaned regularly. Not only is it a question of appearance and hygiene, but it also protects the value of your investment. Our solutions for automatic and robotic cleaners are...

Pool Heaters

Heating your pool will allow you to extend summer and the use of your pool. It will enable you to maintain the temperature of the water as per your body's comfort level. Several types of heating...


Your pool is a body of water. If there is insufficient filtration, impurities will accumulate and bacteria will form. The pump plays a crucial role in recycling pool water as it allows it to ...

Salt Generators

Saltwater pools are filled with saltwater rather than chlorinated water. It so happens that salt naturally contains chlorine. You therefore use natural chlorine to take care of your pool.  What...


An accident like a drowning can happen in a few seconds. You should, therefore, take the precautions to protect the access to your pool. For example, you can opt for a pool fence. Choose one that is...

UV Systems

To take care of your pool, you can opt for a disinfecting system via ultraviolet light. With UV filtration, the majority of microorganisms are destroyed leaving the cleanest and purest water. 99% of...

Pool Covers

A pool cover is an economic and ecological way to protect your pool in the winter months, and to preserve the temperature and prevent water evaporation during the summer season. Whether you need a...

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At Hayward, we’re more than just equipment. Our objective is to make your pool experience worry and hassle-free. That’s why our equipment is engineered to last and work smart at keeping...


Nirvana Heat Pump inc. is a manufacturing company that specializes in the conception, development and manufacturing of products that use thermodynamic technology including pool heat pumps. We work to...


Solaxx Inc. is committed to providing unique technologies based on our 30 year history in the pool and spa industry. We offer a range of solutions for automated water treatment and testing which is...


Hydrover provides a practical solution for water-treatment problems, and offers an excellent alternative to conventional water-treatment systems. By making use of ecological technology, use of...

Toile Soleil

Established in 1987, Toile Soleil has always been able to diversify by offering high quality products making sure to provide unparalleled service. The quality of our products based on our dynamic ...