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Gazebos & Shelters

Create an intimate and protected outdoor space, whatever the weather conditions!

The shelters, gazebos and pavilions extend the use of your garden and backyard. They are so comfortable that you will feel like you’re in your home.

Our Shelters
Pergola or arbor type shelters are available at your SIMA retailer and adapt to all layouts to perfect your relaxation area. The materials used allow exceptional durability and the canvas allows you to save time and effort in terms of maintenance.

Our Gazebos
Whatever your preferred style, wood or aluminum, gazebos offered by your SIMA retailer will protect you from the sun and prolong your summer experience.  The brightness seeping through the windows promises a space that is both intimate and pleasant for the installation of a lounge or a hot tub. The nets protect you from bug bites and our gazebos are treated to help prevent corrosion over time.

Our Pavilions
Treat the shared space of your pavilion like a second home, a true place of rest. Once installed, its abundant PVC windows will allow you to make the most of the summer, and do not risk discolouration from the effects of the sun.  The skylight adds a dose of vitamin D to your day and illuminates your nights with a starry sky. Highly resistant to our rigorous winters, the pavilion guarantees unparalleled durability over time.



Of exceptional durability, gazebos offered exclusively at your SIMA retailer allow you to enjoy the summer longer! With over 20 years of experience in furniture and external structure design, Sojag...


This summer, savour the joy of having lunch outdoors with your family and friends, away from the sun in a Sojag or Corriveau shelter.  Certain models are sold exclusively at your SIMA retailer....