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Hot Tub Supplies

Why purchase hot tub accessories?
To fully enjoy your spa from the moment you purchase it, it is important to equip it with appropriate maintenance accessories. At any SIMA retailer, you will find all necessary products to fight against corrosion, structure deformation, alteration of the protective coating due to ultraviolet rays and to guarantee quality water for your hot tub.

What accessories do I need?
To maintain quality water without impurities, a sanitizer is helpful as it assures water balance.  A cover will not only protect your water from dirt carried by wind, but also fight against corrosion caused by particularly dangerous ultraviolet rays during the summer season.

How do I improve access to my hot tub?
Since a hot tub should be enjoyed for fit people, as well as those with reduced mobility, it is essential to add steps to your hot tub, to allow safe access for those with mobility issues. It could also be interesting to consider adding levers to facilitate handling the spa protection cover.

Are all accessories suitable for every hot tub?
The range of supplies offered by your SIMA retailer is designed to be as versatile as possible.  For every model offered in our facility, therefore, your retailer will take the time to understand your needs and the configuration of your spa, to cover all your requirements in terms of protection and security.

Your SIMA retailer is available for all questions you may have, find it now by clicking here!



Hot tub covers offered by your SIMA retailer are designed to withstand harsh winters and heavy snow. They also protect the hot tub from deterioration due to sunlight during the summer. Save Money...

Cover Lifter

What is a cover lifter?A hot tub cover can be very heavy. It is essential, therefore, to have a hot tub cover lifter to open and close your cover more easily. With the cover lifter, the weight of the...


Enter and exit your spa with ease thanks to hot tub steps offered by your SIMA retailer. It offers superior quality models of steps designed to last each year. Built to withstand all weather...


Keep control of the maintenance of your water chemistry balance with a “Mini Saltron” of Solaxx water sanitizer. SIMA has selected an easy to use portable solution for your hot tub....

Spa Pumps

Our spa pumps are fully submersible and virtually maintenance-free.


A circuit breaker will help protect your hot tub's circuits from electrical surcharge.

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Established in 1987, Toile Soleil has always been able to diversify by offering high quality products making sure to provide unparalleled service. The quality of our products based on our dynamic ...