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Whatever the surface of your property, the Fuzion bases offered at your SIMA retailer offer stability to your hot tub at a low cost, and are under warranty for 10 years!

It is strongly recommended not to install your spa directly on the soil of your yard or on a slope at the risk of distorting the structure and reducing its lifespan. Your base is a ready to use product and allows you to install your hot tub almost anywhere. The Advantage model from your SIMA retailer allows you to adjust the height of your hot tub from 4 to 18 inches to the right level.

The bases are easy to assemble and suitable for all standard hot tubs. They are even recommended by our tub makers to be used with their hot tubs. Regardless of the season, they can be installed.  The installation does not require advanced knowledge, which reduces the cost of implementation.

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