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Hot tub covers offered by your SIMA retailer are designed to withstand harsh winters and heavy snow. They also protect the hot tub from deterioration due to sunlight during the summer.

Save Money
Avoid the transportation of debris into your water from the wind, which can lead to possible damage to your pump and filtration system. In addition, the thermal cover offered by your SIMA retailer cuts down your heating and maintenance costs.

Increase Security
The cover will increase the safety of your hot tub. If you have children, you will no longer have to worry about them playing near your relaxation area. SIMA proposes a rigid spa cover that can support up to 2000 lbs.

Consult our experts at your SIMA retailer to find the right cover for your hot tub! Your SIMA retailer is available to answer all questions you may have, find it now by clicking here!

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