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Keep control of the maintenance of your water chemistry balance with a “Mini Saltron” of Solaxx water sanitizer.

SIMA has selected an easy to use portable solution for your hot tub. Simply add salt and deposit the capsule in water before connecting your hot tub to a power source.

Turn any hot tub water system into a salt one. The technology can purify your water through electrolysis of the natural salt in your water. The salt-converted chlorine kills the bacteria in your tub water and then returns it to its natural state. This process is safe for your health and provides a pleasant feeling during relaxation. The amount of salt required is miniscule and will not dry out your skin unlike systems which only operate with chlorine.

Enjoy the silky, soft feel of the mineralized water found inside your hot tub at all times thanks to sanitizers available at your SIMA retailer.

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