4 pieces of equipment for an energy-efficient above-ground pool

Whether your goal is to protect the environment or to save on energy costs, energy-efficient equipment is exactly what you need. Cutting down on chemical use, saving energy… What’s not to love!

1. Solar cover

Solar covers have definitely become a must for saving energy, without spending a nickel! They limit heat loss during the night to maintain a comfortable water temperature. Solar covers also allow you to cut down on chemical and water use. 

They even protect your pool from harmful UV rays and slow down the growth of algae.

Tip: We recommend that you use your solar cover even on hot summer nights. The recommended daily use is 16 hours. 

2. Pump

For optimal energy efficiency, we recommend a two-speed (high/low) or variable-speed pump. These pumps translate into cost savings of approximately 80% for water filtration. In addition to saving energy, you can use a timer to set when you want the pump to run.

Tip: Have your pump installed by a professional to learn about all its functions and to make the best use of your equipment.

3. Heat pump

There’s nothing like going for a refreshing dip in a cool—but not too cool—pool. An energy-efficient heat pump is just what you need to heat your pool without using lots of energy. Some heat pumps deliver energy savings of up to 50% while running quietly and offering top performance! 

Tip: Choose a location with a good outdoor air supply for maximum performance. And don’t forget to cover your heat pump during the cold winter months!

4. Energy-efficient robotic cleaner

What if we said you could have a clean, sanitary pool with minimal effort? Yes, please! Use a timer to easily set your pool cleanings. Running independently from your pool’s filtration system, energy-efficient cleaners use up to 94% less energy!

Tip: For optimal results, choose a robot that sets a travel pattern for cleaning your pool. All that’s left is to set your cleaner to the desired cleaning frequency.

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