Preparing the site for your hot tub

Hot tub location

Before having your hot tub delivered to your home, make sure you have prepared the ground in your backyard or on your terrace. As a new owner of a spa, you have special obligations with respect to the installation and safe use of this spa.

First check that you have access to the location for delivery purposes and to a surface large enough to accommodate your spa. You need to plan the square footage for the spa itself, but also enough space around it to accommodate a shelter, steps, a lifter, and any other equipment you might want to add.

You must also make sure to respect the safe distances with the electrical wires, in accordance with the local safety codes and respect easement rights on your land. For more information, consult the website of your local electricity service provider.

Allow adequate access to all sides of the spa. Any enclosure should be easily removable. Leave enough working space around the spa, especially on the side where the spa equipment is located.

If you have close neighbors, plan a space that is sufficiently isolated to position your spa. This will allow you on the one hand to maintain a certain intimacy and, on the other hand, to preserve your neighborhood, because a running spa can be relatively noisy.

Spa weight and humidity

Make sure that your support base will be able to support the weight, vibrations and humidity of your spa. A spa weighs on average between 250 and 500 kg when empty, and up to 2 tonnes when filled with water. This is a significant weight, especially if you plan to install your spa on a high terrace or on raised ground.

Whatever medium is used, it must be:

a) A continuous surface at ground level capable of supporting 80 lb-ft2, and which will not be compromised by changes in the ground water or surface water at that location.

b) Support the weight of the spa, water and bathers that are not supported by the spa lip.

c) Be completely in contact with the bottom of the spa.

Finally, be aware that a spa produces a lot of humidity, which can cause damage. Make sure the spa is installed and located so that water from a potential leak or in the form of moisture can drain or be dissipated without damage.

Installing the hot tub

Once the ground has been prepared, the installation of your spa will require the following two steps:

Spa electrical Connections

All spas need electricity to operate.

Electrical installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician, and strictly in accordance with local codes.

Starting up the spa

Once your spa is delivered, installed in the planned location and plugged in, it’s time to put it into service. Depending on your spa model, start-up instructions may vary; read the user manual carefully before you start.

A thorough cleaning is recommended for new spas to eliminate any contamination by stagnant water in the pipes which may remain following the quality tests carried out by the manufacturers.

Your SIMA dealer can also help you with the installation and initial start-up of your spa!

For further details go to service: Opening/Closing SIMA Hot Tubs