Hot tub opening

Opening a hot tub is not just filling it with water and taking a dip. There are a few steps to take to ensure that your hot tub is working properly.

First of all, set aside at least a half a day to clean and restart the hot tub, which consists of turning on the pumps for an hour or two with a cleaner. Next, you have to drain out all the water, and then fill the tub again. When refilling the tub, ensure that the level of water is always above the highest jets to avoid getting air in the system.

Once your hot tub has been restarted, add the first dose of maintenance products adapted to your tub. These products keep the water clear and stops limestone from occurring which can damage the system.

Hot tub closing

To close the hot tub for winter, there are several steps to follow: draining the hot tub, pipes and pumps, storing accessories and insulating the plumbing. Note that cleaning and rinsing the hot tub before starting to drain are recommended to avoid an accumulation of limestone substances that can corrode or harm the components of the hot tub (pump, water heater, seals).

Once the hot tub is drained, the pipes, pumps, and water heater should be drained with a blower or a vacuum. Finally, add anti-freeze to protect the plumbing and cover the hot tub to avoid water or animals from infiltrating. It is important to use a polystyrene block to support the cover during winter. This will prevent the cover from collapsing if there is an accumulation of snow.

Closing a hot tub can keep you busy for a day or two. We suggest that you anticipate the first snowfall in order to avoid a catastrophe (components, broken hot tub). Do not wait until mid-November to close your hot tub, or the end of October if you live in Quebec or in the north.