Here is the list of services for pools and hot tubs that we offer. We have all the necessary expertise to allow you to enjoy your pool to the fullest!

Water analysis
We offer an in store water testing service. Bring us your water sample and we will analyze it and help you balance your pool or hot tub water as well as provide you with recommendations and a step by step guide on maintaining clear and clean water. Learn more
Hot tub installation
After purchasing a hot tub, the next most important step is installing and setting it up. For peace of mind as well as to ensure proper installation, entrust this difficult task to our hot tub experts. Learn more
Hot tub maintenance
In order to ensure that your hot tub functions properly for years to come, it needs regular maintenance. We offer complete maintenance for your hot tub, including cleaning, inspection of all mechanical parts and more: so that you can relax and enjoy your hot tub for years to come.
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Opening / Closing
Let us take the worry out of opening and/or closing your pool or hot tub for you. Our team of experts are ready to help you with the opening and winterizing of your pool and/or hot tub.
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Pool maintenance
We take care of all the cleaning and maintenance of all elements, such as filtration, connecting pipes, linears etc. Learn more

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