The steps to build an in-ground pool differ depending on whether you are installing an insulated steel or polyethylene pool or an in-ground pool.

Our methodology

  • Sima Pools - Evaluating needs - Sima POOLS & SPAS

    Evaluating needs

    While your needs may differ from those of other customers, there are two points that remain the same: the project must meet your taste and your budget. Your Sima dealer can help you evaluate your needs while at the same time respect your limits, and you will surely appreciate the quality of the designs provided.

    Sima Pools - Factors in Determining Location - Sima POOLS & SPAS

    Factors in Determining Location

    Before starting any work, our specialists will help you determine the best location for your project, taking into account: sunlight, wind direction, the slope of the yard, as well as any Municipal regulations that may apply.

    Sima Pools - Optimal Access and Security - Sima POOLS & SPAS

    Optimal Access and Security

    Purchasing a pool is an important decision, as is your investment in tranquility with a top quality product that is tested and durable. Your Sima dealer will take time to advise you on the convenience and security of your investment. Optimal access to your pool will guarantee many great moments to savour year after year.

  • Sima Pools - Pool Structure - Sima POOLS & SPAS

    Select your pool structure

    To get the most out of your new in-ground pool, it is important to choose the right type of pool for you and your family, taking into account factors such as budget, maintenance, space and your personal preferences of color and style

    Your Sima dealer will guide you according to your needs to select your structure; steel, polymer, fiberglass…

  • Sima Pools - Pool design - Sima POOLS & SPAS

    Choose your design

    Thanks to our unique concept, there are no limits to the shape, size and design of your pool. Built according to your taste, we will examine the depths and shapes to suit your needs. Cascading stones, decorative jets, waterfalls and misters are all elements that will enhance the beauty of your pool and the enjoyment derived from it.

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