For your pool or spa, we invite you to take advantage of our water analysis service. Just show up with a sample of water from your pool or spa collected in a clean plastic container. Our specially trained staff will analyze your water in front of you.

How to collect your water sample:

  • Bring a clean container (a 1 L format is suitable)
  • Take a water sample at a depth of at least 30 cm from the surface
  • Avoid exposing the sample to sunlight and temperature variations

We recommend having your water tested once a month by your Sima specialist. Don’t forget to bring your list of products that you have at home with the approximate quantities so that you don’t needlessly buy products that you already have.

Water balance is an important step in maintaining water quality. Balancing the PH, alkalinity and hardness of the water protects your equipment, provides comfortable water for bathers and allows your sanitizer to perform well.

Our staff is waiting for you!