Pool Opening

Depending on whether you have an in ground, above ground or semi-in ground pool, the work varies substantially.

Opening your pool is an important step before you can fully enjoy it. The procedures for opening the pool are as follows:

  • Check the general condition of your pool (cracks, visible pipes, filter or pump damage, leaks, broken seals, abnormally low water level … ). If repairs are necessary, you must do them before starting your filtration system, or risk aggravating the situation.
  • Take off the protector cover, and remove any large debris found in the pool (leaves, trash …).
  • Fill the pool until it reaches three quarters of the skimmer.
  • Connect the filtration system and clean your pool.
  • Use the filter drain position to evacuate the larger particles of dirt. If you have a cartridge filter, use the bypass valve.

Make a list of all your maintenance products, checking the expiry dates thoroughly. When your pool is clean, bring a water sample to our specialists who will balance the level of the chemicals. This way, you will maximize the chlorine action or other products used for disinfecting, and also protect the equipment. Once your pool is up and running, a regular maintenance is needed.

Pool closure

The care in which you close your pool will make it easier when you re-open it. Therefore, it is very important not to neglect anything. Preferably, wait until the water reaches around 10°C (50°F). Warning, it is very important to continue filtering the pool water at all times until closing.

The procedures for closing the pool are as follows:

  • Clean the filter
  • Empty the pool to below the backflow level by using the drain position on the filter. Store all accessories (solar cover, ladders, toys … ).
  • Remove and clean the skimmer basket, then insert the protection tube. In some cases, one option is to drain from the bottom. For an in ground pool, you must remove the water from the pipes by using an appropriate vacuum.
  • Place the filter in winter mode after draining.
  • Disconnect the pump, drain the water, and then add some anti-freeze before storing. Other connections and storage may apply according to your pool installation.
  • Install a winter cover on the pool (Warning: do not let children or animals walk on the cover). Water balloons may be placed in the pool to reduce tension on the cover.

These instructions are not complete and we strongly recommend that you call us at least once so we can show you the procedures in detail, which can be tedious and can vary according to your pool model or installation.

Winter cover for inground pool by Toile Soleil Winter cover for above ground pool by Toile Soleil