Enhance your garden or backyard with an exclusive above ground Aqua Bois pool model. The wooden above ground pools offered by your SIMA retailer incorporate foam insulation placed between the liner and the wall and a protective sheath made of 3 galvanized steel cables. This ensures greater safety of your pool with exceptional durability and conservation of water heat for a longer period of time. This summer, swim peacefully and as much as you can thanks to the 15-year limited warranty that accompanies your pool and opt for Aqua-Bois models, available at your SIMA retailer.
We have been selling swimming pools for over 30 years! But our mission goes far beyond. We want to become the accomplice of your summer so that you can enjoy life to the fullest, at any time. Proximity, accessibility, trust: your Sima retailer is there for you. He will be able to quickly identify your needs and offer you a completely personalized service, from the purchase of your pool to its installation, including the choice of accessories that will accompany it and its maintenance. Your well-being is important to him!
Whether it's an inground pool made of steel, polymer, or fiberglass, our large collection of models combines style and versatility. From classic to modern, through the pool with integrated spa, we have the in-ground pool that meets your needs. Choose the quality and know how!
Warm water has long been known for its invigorating and relaxing properties. Our various hot tub collections are exactly what you need to enjoy moments of relaxation and pleasure with friends and family! Its benefits are no longer to be proven: it promotes rest and relaxation, relieves muscle pain naturally and gently, causes a toning and stimulating effect on the body through hydrotherapy. The installation of a spa requires reflection and preparation. We can support you at each stage of your project!
During the summer, the courtyard becomes an extension of the house. We like meeting there to relax, enjoy the sun, celebrate, eat with family or receive friends. Your Sima dealer will guide you through the multitude of styles and materials so that you can find the garden furniture that will maximize the comfort and appearance of your yard, whatever its size!
Always anxious to offer you high quality swimming pool accessories and equipment, Sima offers you a multitude of choices allowing you to personalize your spa. Cutting-edge equipment and essential accessories so you can relax without worry!
Always concerned to offer you high quality swimming pool accessories and equipment, Sima has developed the Distinction range. State-of-the-art equipment and essential accessories so that you can have a carefree summer!