8 fabulous design ideas to enjoy your spa all year long!

There’s a chill in the air and snowflakes are starting to fly. It’s the perfect time to slip into your spa and soak in its cozy warmth! Here are 8 fabulous design ideas to elevate your wintry spa experience to the next level.

  1. Install your spa near the house for quick and easy access. Add an outdoor patio heater and a rack to hang towels and robes to make the space even cozier and more convenient.
  2. A fireplace is, hands down, a must at any time of year! What better than the warmth and crackle of flickering flames to help you relax? It’s sure to become the star attraction of your outdoor décor!
  3. Surround your fireplace with comfy chairs, benches, loungers and side tables to linger, post-spa, and enjoy the gentle warmth of the fire. Choose winter-proof outdoor furniture and set it up close to the house to cut down on shovelling.
  4. Lighting is ultra-important when it comes to setting a mood, indoors or out, and even more so once the days get shorter and it gets dark faster. Be strategic: install lights around trees, shrubs, fencing or other patio structures for depth and effect. Add lanterns, string lights and solar lamps for soft, subdued lighting.
  5. Pick up essential accessories, such as soft, fluffy towels, robes, headrests, scented candles, etc. to optimize your spa experience.
  6. A spa on its own offers a ton of health benefits, but when you add aromatherapy, it’s off the charts! Take your well-being to the next level with the soothing fragrance of Calypso Feeling 20 softener and conditioner for spa water.
  7. Install a shelter so that you may enjoy your spa, no matter the weather! With so many styles and materials available for all budgets – enclosure, canopy, dome, wood, steel or aluminum – the choice is yours!
  8. The finishing touch? Old sports equipment, such as a wooden sled, skates, snowshoes or cross-country skis, add a certain nostalgic flair to complete your wintry décor!

Happy relaxing!

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