Crystal-clear water, all summer long!

Is your pool water too acidic or alkaline? The consequences can be rather unpleasant: algae or bacteria build-up, shortened lifespan of pool equipment, use of large amounts of chemicals, etc.

The importance of well-balanced water

Several metrics are taken into account when performing water tests. These metrics have an impact on the amount of chemicals to be added as well as the clarity and cleanliness of your water.  

Here are the three main metrics to focus on for clear water:

1- pH

Not too high, not too low… Right on the groove. This will ensure the efficiency of the chlorine and other products in your water.

The dangers of unbalanced pH: Water that’s too acidic will cause skin and eye irritations. That said, if your water is too alkaline, algae build-up will become a problem.

Recommendation: Keep the pH between 7 and 7.4.

2- Hardness (TH)

Water hardness is a measure of the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium salts in water.

The dangers of soft/hard water: If your water is too soft, cement-based material, liners and PVC will corrode. If your water is too hard, your pool water will be cloudy because of high levels of dissolved minerals.

Recommendation: Maintain water hardness between 8 and 20 °fH.

3- Alkalinity (TAC)

This measures the amount of alkaline substances in your pool water. It works closely with pH as it affects the acidity and alkalinity of water.

The dangers of unbalanced alkalinity: Low alkalinity can cause staining on the bottom and sides of your pool and give a greenish tint to your water. High alkalinity can cause your water to become cloudy and chlorine to lose its effectiveness.

Recommendation:  Maintain TAC levels between 80 and 120 ppm.

When to test your water?

There are different tests you should do throughout the season:

  • A complete test once a year at the beginning of the season.
  • Weekly tests to check chlorine, pH and stabilizer levels.

It’s also important to test your water more regularly in the following circumstances:

  • Higher temperatures
  • More frequent pool use
  • Environmental pollution (rain, dust, etc.)
  • After filling your pool

Professional water testing ensures results are accurate.

In fact, our specialists are able to perform higher precision analyses using high performance tools. Also, each region in Quebec has its own particular characteristics that have an impact on your pool water. Your local Sima dealer is highly qualified to resolve any water issues you may be experiencing while taking into account local factors! 

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