The colour of your water: what does it mean?

Many factors can affect the colour of the water in your pool. Here are the most common problems, and solutions from our experts!

Green water

Green water is a sign of algae. The problem may be limited to the surface, or spread throughout the water.


  • Most of the time, this happens when there isn’t enough sanitizer in the water, when you forget to check the chlorine levels, during hot spells or following heavy use.
  • The water may be unbalanced. If the pH, hardness and alkalinity levels aren’t balanced, the sanitizer will have a hard time working efficiently.
  • Poor filtration may also be the culprit. Check if a backwash is needed, if the sand and the cartridge need to be cleaned or changed, and if your filter system is running as much as it should. 
  • If the problem is related to the filter, it may be due to a broken part, to water leaking through a crack which is bringing air into the pump.
  • There may be a water circulation issue. The water should flow in the opposite direction of your skimmer. Position your return (the jet on the left side of the skimmer) so that it’s pointing downward at a 45-degree angle. Make sure nothing is blocking the flow, such as nearby steps.
  • You didn’t remove your solar cover. If you don’t regularly remove your solar cover, there won’t be enough oxygen in the water and algae can build up. 


Buy a treatment kit (Calypso Exact Kit) to fix the problem quickly, for clean water in just 48 hours. After the treatment, test your water to make sure it’s well balanced. You can then continue your regular maintenance routine.

Cloudy water

The water in your pool may sometimes become cloudy, even whitish.


  • The water parameters are unbalanced. This can happen after heavy use or rainfall.
  • Poor filtration could be causing the formation of suspended organic residues in the water.
  • There may be too much chlorine in the water.


  • Use a treatment kit (Calypso Exact Kit) to fix the problem quickly. Your water will clear up in 48 hours. 
  • After, test the water to make sure it’s balanced, if needed.
  • Depending on the results of the water test, you might need to add a pool clarifier. They work fast and are easy to use.
  • Let the water circulate non-stop to make sure it’s well filtered and the products work properly.
  • After a period of heavy use, add a shock treatment to prevent the water from clouding up.

The water becomes coloured after adding a product

It’s probably a reaction caused by metals or limestone in the water. These can also cause stains on the steps or liner. When getting your water tested, make sure to test for iron, copper, manganese, etc. There are products available to get rid of these unwanted metals! Don’t be shy to take a picture to show your retailer.

In short, here’s what to keep in mind for crystal-clear water: 

  • Make sure your water is always well balanced.
  • Test your water at home every morning to avoid running out of sanitizer (even for salt water pools).
  • Add chlorine at the end of the day.
  • Have your water tested in store every month. Just because your water’s clear doesn’t mean it’s ok!
  • Use an easy-to-use maintenance kit (Kool Kit) weekly. These kits may seem expensive at first, but they will end up saving you time and money in the long run because you won’t need to change your water, and your equipment will be better protected!
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