10 expert tips for spa maintenance

We know how important it is to maintain clean, safe water. Here are a few tips to make it easier for you to keep your spa and water in tip-top shape.

1. When you start up your spa in the spring or when you fill up your new spa for the first time, well-balanced water is key to make sure your sanitizer works properly and to protect your equipment. 

pH levels 

The ideal pH range is 7.2 to 7.4. If your pH is too low, your water will be acidic and your sanitizer will function poorly. Conversely, high pH levels are also bad as sanitizers don’t perform well in alkaline water.


Maintaining optimal levels of alkalinity helps balance the water’s pH levels.


Hardness measures the amount of dissolved minerals in water. Hard water promotes the build-up of calcium while soft water is corrosive.

 At-home hardness tests should be performed on a weekly basis to keep track of water parameters. Also, you should have your water tested every month at your local retailer. Quick tip: To avoid buying things you don’t need, make a list of all the products you have and the quantities before you head to the store.

2. For starters, make sure the right filtration cycle is programmed on your keypad. The user manual shows how to check this and change it as needed. The filtration system should run at least 10 to 14 hours per day. It enables proper water circulation to disperse the sanitizers and ensure their efficiency. It also allows your water to move through the filter cartridge, which also requires upkeep. Remove the cartridge every month to rinse it and give it a deep cleaning. Let it soak in a bucket of clean water and filter cleaning solution (Calypso Cartridge Cleaner #7).

3. Choose your sanitizing system according to your needs and how much you use your spa. Some products need to be added two to three times every week, while others, sold as pucks, are only added once a week. Other commonly used sanitizers are chlorine (Calypso Bang #19) and bromine (Calypso Bromine # 16). Visit your local dealer to be sure to have the right products.

4. You must also add a weekly shock treatment (Calypso spa Klear Shock #32) to complete the sanitizer’s work. It eliminates organic residues and bacteria, and helps maintain clear water.

5. Add a descaler (Calypso Scale Control #4) once a week to reduce build-up in the pipes.

6. Add an activating agent (Calypso Hyper Active #13) after each use. This will prevent the formation of rings, smells and foam.

7. Adding enzymes to your water (Calypso Super Enzyme #17) is a great way to eliminate organic residues. Enzymes also get rid of oily substances and your filter cartridges will be less dirty.

8. Spa water quickly becomes saturated given the size of the tub. That said, spas used all year long should be drained at least twice a year, and you may have to drain yours more often depending on usage. If you close your spa for the winter, make sure to drain it beforehand.

9. When draining or closing your spa, make sure to perform a deep cleaning. There are two types of products. You can use a pipe cleaner (Calypso Cal Check #22) to eliminate chlorine residuals and protect your equipment. You can also use a pipe cleaner/descaler (Calypso Cal Check Plus #28) to get rid of biofilm build-up. For new spas, these cleaners should also be used to eliminate any contaminants in the pipes from backwater left during in-factory quality testing.

Did you know that running your spa all year can reduce the risk of damages? If you close your spa for the winter, be very careful not to leave any water in the pipes. Or contact us for our professional spa closing services.

10. Spas are rejuvenating, relaxing, soothing. Make your experience even more enjoyable by adding a softener (Calypso Feeling # 20). Not only does it have a pleasant smell, it also leaves your skin feeling softer by preventing residues from sticking to it.

In short, the most important thing is to never run out of sanitizer! Feel free to contact our Sima specialist for maintenance advice. They will identify your needs and suggest the right products to make your life easier, to keep your water cleaner and to keep your spa in great shape for years to come!

The advice in this article is intended as a guideline only. Please follow the recommendations from your Sima specialist and those from your water test results.

Here’s to a relaxing spa season!

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