Must-have accessories for an optimal spa experience 

Have you just purchased a spa or are you thinking of getting one soon? Make the most out of your spa experience with these essential accessories, guaranteed to deliver comfort, safety and enjoyment!

A cover

A cover for your spa is a must:  it protects your spa from the elements, enhances safety and reduces heating costs. It also prevents leaves and debris from falling onto the surface and helps maintain the water temperature. Tip: Adding a lever makes it easier to lift and store your cover.


Unless your spa is built into your deck, or you have some other type of custom installation, you will need steps for safe and easy access. Otherwise, getting in and out of your spa could be tricky and dangerous! 

A towel rack

Always have a dry towel at hand with an ultra-practical towel rack. Attach it to one of the spa walls to hang one or more towels.  

Headrests and booster cushions

Headrests allow you to relax and increase your comfort, while soothing neck and shoulder muscles. Booster cushions enhance the experience of shorter people.

A Bluetooth speaker

If your spa is not equipped with an audio system, get a wireless Bluetooth speaker that will allow you to stream music from your phone, tablet or computer. Choose a water-resistant model that can be used around the spa or pool without any problems. A great way to set the mood for relaxation!

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